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SHSRC is an apex autonomous body; it would provide technical support to NRHM,Rajasthan by acting as a Knowledge Management Centre. In essence,it would act as mentor.


The RHSRC is to serve as a think-tank for Medical, Health and Family Welfare Department, Govt. of Rajasthan.It would conduct operational research and suggest mid-course corrections; provide valid inputs for planning of healthcare services in the state of Rajasthan.

1. To provide technical support in planning and monitoring.
2.To ensure quality of services at various level of institutions.
3.To gather national, international and local evidence to strengthen health services.
The RHSRC has a multidisciplinary team with skills in the area of community processes, Social Science related to health, financing of health care, quality improvement, human resource management and public health planning.


1.Rapid Appraisal Studies

In order to strengthen the process of planning; setting up effective evaluation process and mid-term correctional measures towards effective implementation of ongoing NRHM in the state of Rajasthan; RHSRC has planned to conduct various rapid assessment studies.These studies will be conduct by the Senior Consultants.To begin with following studies have been initiated.
a) Developing a profile of SPMU.
b) Assigning the efficiency of the SPMU.
c) SWOT Analysis of Human Resource in NRHM.

2.Research Studies

RHSRC is also planning to conduct large scale research studies. These studies could have immense impact on the preparation of the PIP for the subsequent year. The studies are to be conducted by hiring various research agencies proposed studies are:
a) Concurrent Evaluation of JSY.
b) Evaluation of 108 emergency ambulance services.
c) Impact of Urban RCH.
d) Assessment of DPMU.
e) Assessment of Income generated by RMRS in various level of facility.
f ) Assessment of VHSC Fund utilization.
g) Assessment of HR performance.

RHSRC appeal to all web users to give us the feedback on going research topic.We would also welcome suggestion form the viewer in assessing the research need of the organization.