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These presentations can be used for teaching, training and research with due acknowledgement. However these should not be reproduced in print or electronically in part or whole without the prior permission of Director SIHFW / Author.The Institute sincerely acknowledges the sources & authors from where / whom the data / figures have been included in these presentations.

--- Presentations and Materials for Training of field workers on Basics of Covid.

--- COVID19 related PPTs

Improving Access of Health Care System by Poor People in The State Of Rajasthan   ANC-EDD Calculation   ANC-BP
ANC-Sugar Urine Test   ANC-Abdominal Checkup and Fundal Height   Abortion
ANC-Blood Sugar estimation_Glucometer   ANC-Hb estimation_Colorstrip   ANC-Hb Estimation_Sahli
ANC-Malaria Rapid Diagnostic Kit   ANC-VDRL   ANC-Weight Height and Oedema
ANC-Pregnancy Kit   Active management of 3 Stage   INC - Eclampsia and Severe Eclampsia
Normal Delivery   Preparation of a labour room   Newborn - APGAR score
Radiant Warmer   Respiration Rate   Resuscitation
Newborn - Temperature   Newborn - Weight   Newborn care
ASHA   Change Management   Community Monitoring
RTI   Office Administration & Management
District Level Household Survey-III   Epidemic preparedness   Epidemiology
Financial Management   Health Systems   Scientific Writing
Annual Health Survey   Health Expenditure & Financing   Health Management Information System
Health Policies and Legislation   Health Promotion   Health Sector Reforms
Immunization   Indian Public Health Standards   Integrated Child Development Scheme
Integrated Disease Surveillance Project   Integrated Management of Neonatal & Childhood Illnesses   Inter Sectoral Convergence
Interpersonal Communication & BCCl   Janani Suraksha Yojana   Leadership
Motivation   National Family Health Survey-III   National Health Programs
National Rural Health Mission   Personnel Management   Public Health Care in India
Public Private Partnership in Health   Quality in Health Care   Reproductive & Child Health Program
Conflict Management   Sample Registration System in India   Skilled Birth Attendant
Stress Management   Team Building   Time Management
Training Pedagogy   Village Health & Nutrition Day   Village Health & Sanitation Committees  
Medical Tourism   Waste Management   Citizen s Charter
Adverse Events Following Immunization   Family Welfare Program & Population Policy   Surveillance
Evolution of National Health Program   Public Health Care in India: Infrastructure, Human Resource and Performance   Leprosy
ARSH   Health Insurance   District Action Plans
Contraception: Historical Perspective   Making PowerPoint Presentation   Medical Ethics
Rajasthan at a glance   Maternal Health   Child Health
Fluorosis   HUNGaMA Report   Janani Shishu Suraksha Yojna
Performance Management   Non-Communicable Diseases   Gender & Health
Personality Development   Conducting Meeting   Human Development Index
Non-Verbal Communication   Schemes of Government of Rajasthan in Health   Weekly Iron & Folic Acid Supplement Program for Adolescents(WIFS)  
Comprehensive Continuum of Care Package