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These presentations can be used for teaching, training and research with due acknowledgement. However these should not be reproduced in print or electronically in part or whole without the prior permission of Director SIHFW / Author.The Institute sincerely acknowledges the sources & authors from where / whom the data / figures have been included in these presentations.


Outreach Training(Outreach Training (Covid Basic, Survilliance, Identifiacation & Management of Post COVID Complication, Home Isolation & Infection Prevention)

Basics of Covid-19 Infection & Surveillance   Community Mental Health During COVID 19 And Beyond   Home Isolation in Hindi
Infection Prevention and Control   Post Covid-19 Syndrome   Community Mental Health
Infection Prevention and Control in Hindi   Post Covid-19 Syndrome in Hindi   Basics of Covid-19 Infection & Surveillance-Hindi  
Home Isolation   Video for Proning   Video for Digital Thermometer  
Messages for Community  
Pre and Post Test  

Operating Oxygen Concentrator and Cylinder, Oxygen Therapy, BIPAP, CPAP

Medical Oxygen Supply   Oxygen Therapy   Video for Oxygen Concentrator  
Pluse Oximeter   Video for Oxygen Cylinder   CPAP-BiPAP  
Pre and Post Test  

Management of Paediatric Cases of COVID-19

Managing Pediatric COVID   Protocol for Management of COVID-19 in Pediatric Age Group, Life Saving Techniques   Pre and Post Test  

Orientation for Rapid Antigent Test

Rapid Antigen tests for COVID 19   Training on Rapid Antigen Test   Rapid Antigen Test  
Pre and Post Test  

ICU & Ventilator Mangement for COVID-19 Patients

ICU & Ventilator Management   A systematic approach to the critically ill Patient   Basics of Mechanical Ventilation  
Pre and Post Test  

Community Sensitization and Community action on COVID appropriate Behaviour

Community processes for Covid Outreach   Role of Multi Stakeholders   Vaccine Hesitancy  

Clinical Management of COVID-19 in Adults and Management of Mucomycosis

Covid-19 Management   Treatment of Invasive fungal infections   Mucor skin  
Pre and Post Test  

Video on Infection Prevention

Hand Washing   COVID-19 (Epidemiology, Diagnosis &Infection Prevention Practices)   PPEs Donning and Doffing  

Planning of facilities to be developed as COVID Care Facility, COVID and Non COVID Services at Health Facility and RMNCH+A Services During COVID-19.

CAC Services during COVID FINAL   ANC INC PNC Services   Planning of COVID and Non-COVID Care Facility  
Pre and Post Test  

(ToT on Operational Audit of Health facilities for managment of anticipated 3rd wave of Covid 19)

Oxygen Audit Checklist   Infrastructure and Diagnostic Checklist   Mucormycosis Checklist ICU Audit Checklist
Prescription Audit Essential Medicine Checklist   Vaccination, Cold Storage Checklist Surveillance Checklist   Fire and Power Checklist
7-Training Checklist   Ambulance Checklist and Analysis of report   CLINICAL MANAGEMENT OF COVID- 19
MECHNICAL VENTILATION   Omicron new threat to pandemic   Post Covid-19 syndrome And Covid Vaccine